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Elbow smell gewd. There’s a quiet confidence about @lauraballin, and it’s simply breathtaking to behold. Photo by @natalie_mckain hair/mu #carlylimmakeup #nataliemckain #busymodels

Breaking news (kinda) one of my favourite books “The Secret History” has been realised into a drool-worthy collection by Kate Sylvester. Touche, Kate Sylvester, touche.

Feast your eyeballs. Feeling rather complete with life right now.

Lip line so crispy \ part one of my entry at this year’s #face2facemakeupawards a giant thank you to @andreajankovic and @yanst3r for bringing my vision to life :’). Didn’t get a place but frankly, I’m just super stoked at the incredible images that we achieved! #andreajankovic #londonmodelmanagement #quemodels #carlylimmakeup

Amber Valletta | Jil Sander

Maja Salamon by Arnaud Lajeunie

Via Zuza Sowinska Styling & Design

@yanst3r appreciation page #righthere #rightnow photo: @andreajankovic #carlylimmakeup

Makeup by Hung Vann Go

✨✨✨Another star-in-the-making-magic for your Monday morning • remember dis name peeps✨✨✨ @amyjanedowdle #amydowdle | photo by @natalie_mckain styling by @tennillejpaterson and makeup by me ✌️👋👏#easiestjobever #carlylimmakeup

Louise Parker “Into the Fabulous Days” by Amanda Pratt, SPUR Sept issue.


Jeff Henrikson for Intermission Magazine s/s 2015, model: Harleth Kuusik

“ For me it’s always been the artistic first, always. If you get 100 dollars or you get 1000 dollars, you’re going to still spend it. So if you get used to the 100-dollar lifestyle, you can choose jobs because of the creativity rather than the money. ”

—    Jessica Chastain, The Talks

Moga “modern” girls in Kageyama Koyo, Japan 1928